What would you do if you were operating in the realm of limitless possibilities?

The realm of limitless possibilities is already within us, and it is called faith. #EnoughISEnough. 

Your Business is Life – Divine Life OVERCOMES the pebble in your S.H.O.E.


Your Business Is Life


One of the primary reasons for business is to bring liberation to a people, company, community through sustained profitability.

Unfortunately, because of the stresses of the workplace, hyper-criticism oftentimes becomes the new normal through judgement and ridicule, instilling fear and hampering creativity.

In these uncertain times, many companies may also tend to exhibit an over-conformance of rules and regulations, leading to a lack of freedom for personal, career, and professional development.

It is environments such as this that The KIIP Group is brought in (as a Thought Leader) to listen, discern, curate and impart life through multiple channels.


101 Reasons to Keep INVESTING In People (No Matter What)

“A People Investment Today, Injects hope for the Next Generation.”

Often times you typically hear:
– Keep investing in stocks
– Keep investing in technology
– Keep investing in the real estate

But Keep Investing in People? – “That’s difficult,…. however, if you treat people as if they are already acting at the top of their game, they will eventually move to that level and prove you right.”

Here is a story of an extraordinary CEO who Kept Investing in his people (no matter what)



How do you overcome the Pebble in your shoe?


“No life (Business or Personal) ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

Companies are facing barriers to: Creativity, Sales, Growth, Diversity, Verbal barriers between team members etc. We saw earlier that barriers are broken through one instrument – words of life. However these words of life must be laser focused (through critical analysis) on the root cause – an area of specialization for the KIIP Group.



Once the lid, limit, barrier is removed (whether you’re an individual or a company), the inevitable result is expansion:

  • Expansion of your Vision
  • Expansion of Purpose
  • Expansion of your Sales
  • Expansion of your Dream Team
  • etc.

We are here to facilitate your trans-formative expansion!

WIFWhat If Future

What if the perception from employees, across the globe, were that their leaders professed and practiced the mantra of Keep Investing In People”.

Their perception (based on each word of the mantra) will be as follows:

Keep – This tells them that this is not a one time event. This gives them confidence in leadership’s commitment and triggers employee loyalty.

Investing – Investing communicates to employees that they are valued and that they are not a means to the end.

In – “In” versus “on” shows the employees that the leadership is just as concerned and committed to the employee’s goals and personal values as much as corporate goals and values.

People – People, not just profit, triggers a perception of caring.

KIIP is more than a company. It is a way of life to authentic leaders.

There Is Enough Divinity In Each  Of Us To Fulfill Our Destiny. Enough IS Enough: What is Your S.H.O.E.?

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