I Didn’t Know What I Didn’t Know
July 12, 2014

Not long ago I was faced with a major plumbing issue at my home.  My immediate reaction was to call my handyman (who is on speed dial). Because this occurred on July 3rd no one was answering their phone the day before July4th. I was faced with a major predicament. So I did what most folks in my shoe would do…..I logged onto YouTube for “fix it yourself” videos. Long story short, that led to major intimidation from the complexity of the repair job.

I Didn’t Know What I Didn’t Know

The pressure was building up …… the holiday was approaching, and no plumbers could be reached. I then decided to take a photo shot and present it to the plumbing section at the hardware store (maybe they can offer me a solution in layman’s terms). After I presented the photo, I noticed the attendant kept magnifying the size of the photo on my phone. He finally said, “Mr. Charles, you’re in luck. This job is not as complicated as you think. I could not see this with my naked eye, but now that I’ve magnified your photo I can see a broken part in your fausett. This should not require any valve, fitting, or pip replacement.”  The solution was not apparent to the naked eye.

How many times are you and I presented with a problem and we are clueless on the solution (if viewed from the naked eye). Sometimes the solution is literally in the palm of our hands, but it requires us reaching out to others, who can in turn magnify/expand our worldview in order for us to tap into the solution.

Now that I was able to solve this plumbing issue, I am now the designated plumber in my home…… just kidding.

Friends, we do not have to know it all in order to offer value.


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