March 14, 2016

When you hear the term “A Good Life” what comes to mind?

I once heard a good life defined as an accumulation of significant events. So, as we examine our lives, can we honestly say that we are living a good life?

Word of caution

My mentor, @CoachSeanSmith once said, “If you have found yourself at times beating yourself up, looking at your current situation with a critical eye and comparing it to where you thought you would be by now, all that does is it creates more negativity and causes you to retreat (shrink back).” It will cause you to conclude that you’re not living a good life. So do what Bob Newheart is saying in the photo below……..


If you have not seen, the “Stop It” clip by Bob Newheart on youtube, you’ve got to see it, it is hilarious.



Each one of us were born into significance. Think about it, the fact that one out of millions of sperms makes it to a mature egg and into fertilization to produce you and I is our very first significant event, before we’re even born.

So let’s set the record straight…..

  • Significance is at a much higher plane than success.
  • We were born for significance (and it has no relevance on whether or not we have achieved wealth or “success.”)

So with this reframe, I ask you again, are you living a good life?

Can someone reference you as one who has contributed to, or have been responsible for, a significant event in their life?

If you answered yes and can think of one or several of these instances then you are on your “yellow brick road” of a of significance.



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