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August 15, 2016

As I read through the book, “Mandela’s Way,” what impacted me the most Mandelas waywas his response to the question, “why do you spend that much time in your vegetable garden?” Mr.  Mandela responded, because it takes me out of the element of time…. it feeds my soul and it feeds life to another.

So it is with our purpose. Each one of us have been given a “garden of purpose” to tend to in this life. This garden is in our heart and the care of it is a daily occurrence.

This garden is watered by the springs and wells of conviction deep within us. There is no jail cell, no circumstance, no Zigs, no Zags of life that has the power to crush the purpose/cause in our divine call. Do they have the power to persecute, trouble, derail, etc? Absolutely!

FlowWere their times that Mr. Mandela experienced anxiety, worry, boredom, etc? Oh, i’m sure their were. But each time he stepped out of time, I can only imagine that it took him into a state closer and closer to flow.

So what are you going to do about the highs and lows of your Inventure (inward adventure)? That journey towards the fulfillment of your destiny was never meant to be easy. I certainly don’t have all the answers to that question, but one thing I can offer is, whether it’s the highs or the lows, celebrate it all. As we celebrate make note of the skills and character you are developing: (Resilience, Grit, Perseverance, etc) along the way.

Inventurers recognizes that their gifts, talents, and yes, even their suffering, are not for them but for their seekers (the people that are looking for them who they were meant to serve).

I fully recognize that there are two different people reading this blog. One person may be at his or her breaking point (because of the pressures of circumstance) the other has already broken through and is thriving.

If you are experiencing great success at the moment, I’m sure you can look through the rear view mirror of your life, and identify a season where you had to breakthrough an all time low point. What was one main lesson you learned along the way?

Share with us in the comments. Let your long road be someone else’s shortcut.


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