Inventures view their business as Life

August 06, 2016

John F Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life……

The only reason to give a speech is to change the world


Likewise, the only reason for the existence of a business is to change the world and impart life to the community. Oftentimes this is the outward manifestation of the inner journey (inventure) of the visionary.

Most people spend their life speaking what they feel; what they know (in terms of mental ascent); but very few make it a habit, a daily moment by moment habit of speaking only what they believe.

A business, for example was created for a specific purpose …… to produce goods and services to uplift the life of others. But more often than not the communication between a business and its internal customers, between a business and its stakeholders, etc. is not necessarily in alignment with that original purpose.








If you are an accounting firm, your business is not accounting. Your business, actually, is the life that you bring to your clients from your accounting practice

If you are a law firm, then your business is not law, but it is the life that you bring to your clients through your law practice….. and that life only comes from speaking what you believe that your firm was originally purposed to be.


  • So what is being communicated in your business?
  • Is it Life (Love) ….. or is it fear (Death)?

I guarantee you, the answer to this one question will determine whether your business is experiencing growth or stagnation (“in the rut”).

This is a principle, (a law if you will). It’s our operating guideline as we navigate our unique inventure.

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